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  • Shopping Guide
  • I. How to find the desired product:

    You can search "ELUTO+ product name" to find your desired product in search bar on the home page.


    II. How to buy it:

    1. Business users: If you need to buy in bulk, please contact us, we will contact the manufacturer, to provide you with the best price.


    2. Ordinary users: Purchases can be made through Amazon or our official website.


    III. Package area:

    Fulfilled by Amazon & Merchant Fulfilled: USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia

    IV. Product categories:

    1. Electronics:
    a. USB Adapter
    b. Car Mount
    c. Dash Camera

    2. Caravan parts:
    a. Tire Covers
    b. Hitch Covers
    c. Front Towing Covers

    3. Interior Mirrors:
    a. Rear View Mirror

    V. Product promotion:

    ♧ We will regularly release product promotion information, such as holidays and Amazon prime day. Please pay close attention to ELUTO official website and social networking platform.

    1. Product Promotion Form
    a. Holiday promotions
    b. Hots promotions
    c. New product promotion
    d. Prime Day Promotion

    2. Promotional Product Portal: Home Bulletin Board

    3. Promo Code Location: on Amazon product page

    VI. The shipping method:

    1. Fulfilled by Amazon: According to Amazon shipping policy

    2. Merchant Fulfilled:
    a. Overseas warehouse (US, UK, France, Australia, Japan): 3-7 working days
    b. Chinese warehouse: 10-23 working days

    VII. FAQ:

    ♧ If you have any questions about product´s suitability, product´s quality, logistics and invoices, please feel free to contact us!

    ♧ Contact: ELUTO official website---Support---Customer Service---Email us