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Wide Angle Rear View Mirror Car Rear View Mirror 12'' (305mm) for Cars SUV Trucks

Wide Angle Rear View Mirror Car Rear View Mirror 12'' (305mm) for Cars SUV Trucks

ELUTO Wide Angle Rear View Mirror Car Rear View Mirror Universal Convex Curve Rear View Mirror Clip on Original Mirror 12'' (305mm) for Cars SUV Trucks
  • CLEAR IMAGES: Interior rear view mirror is made of especial glass, good to reflect natural, clear & real images. Prevent overlapped, distorted images and won't cause reflection when driving.

  • WIDE ABGLE VISION: Convex face mirror design good to provide the wider angle vision and has no trouble seeing the panoramic of the car.

  • SIZE: 12 x 3 inch (305 x 75 mm). Fit the 50-95 mm original baby mirror. Suitable for most car, truck, SUV and so on.

  • Anti-glare and Anti-shake: 305mm Anti-glare Mirror Helps you to increase visibility and eliminate blind spots in the day or at night when turning or change lanes.

  • Easy to install & disassemble. With adjustable buckle, only need to clip on the original mirror and adjust it to conform to you car. ☞Every product gets Worry-Free Warranty.Please CONTACT the seller for any claims, we will try best to solve.☜

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ELUTO Interior Rear View Mirror used to provide the wider angle vision and eliminate blind spots in the day or at night when driving.

Material: ABS Plastic + Glass
Color: clear
Length: 305mm/12.1"
Height: 75mm/2.9"

1.Suitable to replace most standard original mirror with height between 50mm and 95mm.
2.Convex face mirror design provides the wider angle vision and eliminate blind spots.
3.Anti-glare mirror prevents glare caused by headlights of cars behind & enhances safety driving.
4.Anti-splash treatment mirror effectively avoids accidental burst damage to human body.
5.Rubber clamps clips helps to prevent vibrations and damage made to your stock mirror.
6.Easy to install. Only need to attach adjustable buckle to original mirror and then push it to the bottom.

Package included:

1 x Panoramic rear view mirror
Please feel free to email us if any displeasure, we will try our best to solve it until you are satisfied.
Don't hesitate anymore, just ADD IT TO CART and enjoy your life.


Average rating:
4.8 / 5.0
I can see the whole world with this thing. I would say i can see about triple the amount of area than i could with the stock mirror. I drive a 2010 forester and before i could just barely see the whole rear windshield. Now I can see the rear windshield the 2 rear windows (the ones that dont roll down) and the 2 rear passenger door windows, not to mention the entire rear seat. HUGE difference and worth every penny
October 08, 2019
Wide mirror for even the blind spot. And for your back seat also. And the installation is just a click of the hook.very easy to put it on and off. Trust me u won't want to take it down. It gives me so much more view that the original one. My brother in law recommend it to me. Well he is right this time.
October 08, 2019
J. Sandoval
We put this in a 2015 Jetta that doesn’t have a backup camera. I have a hard time twisting to check blind spots fully so we decided to give this a try to see how much It would help and it makes a HUGE difference. It was super easy to put in, in fact my 13 year old son set it up. I don’t see why it wouldn’t fit on any model car. Great inexpensive tool for anyone really.
October 06, 2019
Great sized mirror. Perfect for our Class B RV. Price can't be beat.
October 05, 2019
Jay IV
Definitely a big difference. Never used one before but decided for 10 bucks it couldn’t hurt to try one out and I’m definitely happy I did. One thing I do notice though is things look a lot closer than they did on the original mirror but that’s real easy to get used to with the increased vision.
September 29, 2019
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